1.              CCW
    The California CattleWomen create a greater public awareness and understanding of agricultural production and laws through education, exploration and science.
  2.              CKP
    CKP are committed to helping individuals and businesses manage risk through a consultative approach. to lower the overall cost of risk.
  3.              ACIF
    Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation promotes awareness and knowledge in the community about the benefits of the Arizona cattle industry.
  4.                A&I
    A&I celebrates 50 years of premium quality and service to Los Angeles’ professional and fine art photography community.

Ranch Raised Kids works closely with partners and sponsors to deliver a graceful and thoughtful product that tells the story of contemporary ranching through the eyes of the children being raised on ranches.  The American Cowboy is an internationally recognized icon and Ranch Raised Kids shows the essence of that character exists in the heart of the next generation of ranchers.
Our partners in Arizona Ranch Raised Kids and California Ranch Raised Kids have significant space in the publications to present their mission and programs and their logo is prominently displayed.  Additional sponsors can promote their brand, initiatives and build recognition through exclusive and unique placements in the publications, press releases and on line.
The Ranch Raised Kids brand is widely recognized in the heartland.  Ranch Raised Kids, “Photo of the Day” has been featured on RFD-TV’s Market Day Report since June 2017. This program is broadcast to 48 million homes with an average weekly audience of 1.1 million viewers.
Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation, the key partner in Arizona Ranch Raised Kids, received coverage in agricultural association blogs, trade magazine interviews, newspapers, regional magazines and national outlets with a combined readership of over 100,000. 
Ranch Raised Kids publications are growing their rural and urban audience. Their partners in Arizona and California have committed to donating books to local and school libraries and will use the book as a significant part of their outreach at County Fairs, events, and programs that inform public about the agricultural and western lifestyle.
California Ranch Raised Kids offers sponsors significant branding opportunities in the book, press releases and on related media. Additional promotional options will reach the agricultural community, the ranchers running cows on 38 million acres of California pasture and rangeland and the collateral businesses that support this billion dollar industry.

Ranch Raised Kids offers an opportunity to invest in cause-related marketing with a community that shares your concerns about water resources, regenerative agriculture, technology and efficient, sustainable food production. 
Sponsors can contribute in positive and concrete ways to young ranchers and directly support individuals who are pursuing careers in agriculture.  

Arizona Ranch Raised Kids is an 8"x12" 100 page soft cover book, was
published in December 2018 and can be purchased exclusively through the sponsor, ACIREF. Proceeds from the sale support scholarships for the remarkable children of Arizona. To purchasethe book ($28 plus $7 shipping) please go to https://www.azcattlemensassoc.org/foundation

California Ranch Raised Kids an 8"x12" book, will be available in softback, hardback and premium packaging in December 2020.

New Mexico Ranch Raised Kids is being developed for publication in 2021.