California Ranch Raised Kids
April 22, 2019
California Ranch Raised Kids
Coming December 2020
"The goal of the authors, Seth Joel and Charlie Holland is to promote the culturally significant stories of America's hardworking youth. This book promotes the ranching heritage and lifestyle though the eyesof the youngest members of our community."  Julie Barnett, Vice President, California Cattlewomen
Tucson Festival of Books
March 2, 2019
Book Signing
Seth Joel and Charlie Holland joined the Tucson Cowbelles as the featured authors. They signed copies of Arizona Ranch Raised Kids at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 2 and March 3 2019 on the campus of the University of Arizona.
RFD-TV, Market Day Report
January 31, 2019
Ranch Raised Kids
TV interview with Mark Oppold
Seth Joel and Charlie Holland discuss Arizona Ranch Raised Kids with Mark Oppold, host of RFD-TV Market Day Report, at the 2019 National Cattlemans Beef Association in New Orleans. 
Globe-Miami Times
January 24, 2019
Arizona Ranch Raised Kids
Patti Daley

“The remarkable thing about these kids” says Charlie, ”is that whatever they chose to do, they will take with them the determination, problem-solving skills and habit of hard work that they learned as children.”

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Arizona Beef Blog
November 11, 2018
Ranch Raised Kids Q and A
Tiffany Selchow, Arizona Beef Council

“This is book for kids and by kids. We want another kid to say “Wow! The guy with the cowboy hat on, he really does work at five o’clock in the morning?” By showing just who these kids are, and what they are doing, with any luck we can provide some insight on how the ranching community lives.” Charlie Holland, Arizona Ranch Raised Kids

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"Kids, Colts & Calves"
September 2017-January 2018
A Mixed Media Exhibition
Lynette Tritel, Curator, Phippen Museum of Art

Ranch Raised Kids exhibited four 20x30 color prints, made by A&I Fine Art Printing, in the Phippen Museum, Art and Heritage of the American West,  of Art, Prescott, Arizona

Arizona Farm Bureau
June 2017

Picture Perfect Ranch Raised Kids
Amber Morin

"Seth and Charlie talked about their devotion and passion for the Ranch Raised Kids project, what impressed me the most is that they unknowingly mirrored the humility, tenacity, and stick-to-itiveness of the ranch raised kids they were and are still photographing."
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Visual Connections
May 2017
Rounding Up Ranching Culture
MIchael Masterson

"This community, and it is a much smaller community than we imagined, is wary of photographers who are seduced by the “cowboy” and glamorize the ranching culture. We realized that we were asking people to trust us not only with their kids but also the image of the ranching culture."
Charlie Holland

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RFD-TV, Market Day Report
June 2017 -present
Ranch Raised Kids, 'Photo of the Day'
Introduced by RFD-TV Host Janet Adkinson

Ranch Raised Kids and RFD-TV have featured a Ranch Raised Kids photograph in a 30 second spot every weekday since June 2017. Over 400 images have been broadcast to 1.1 million viewers every week.
Bailey Kimball, age 17 at her home on the CV Ranch. Paulden, AZ.