​​​"Seth and Charlie understand that it is all about the next generation and that ranch raised kids will continue to add value and contribute in ways that many forget. Their investment in the Ranch Raised Kids project, is an investment in the future of ranching in the West, but more importantly, it is testament to the amazing children that life on a ranch produces."

                     Amber Morin, Field Manager, Arizona Farm Bureau

This project, Ranch Raised Kids, was inspired by those amazing children.
We are Seth Joel and Charlie Holland. We fell in love with these kids and every day we bring our passion, curiosity and well-honed professional skills out to the ranch to photograph and interview them and their families. 

Seth portraits capture beautiful moments in the life of a child raised on a ranch, and through his honest and empathetic lens we can show the reality and not the myth of contemporary ranching. 

We have learned that Ranch Raised Kids are proud to represent the ranching lifestyle and show the good manners and hard working ways that the community values.  Through them we catch a glimpse of the historical cowboy lifestyle and practices and how those ways are being modified to produce beef more efficiently in the C21st economy. We are so happy to contribute to the ACIF efforts to support further education and the development of young talent in the contemporary cattle industry. 
We are professional photographers based in Los Angeles, who have enjoyed a long marriage and successful career as Seth Joel Photography.  We are easy to spot as the people who are 'not from around here' at rodeos, calf sales, round ups and ranches. Photographing Ranch Raised Kids has been a thrilling and humbling experience. We learn something new from every kid, every day, on every ranch we visit.

Thank you.                                                                                          January 2019



Charlie Holland
Charlie Holland