​ A series of books that celebrates the heritage and the future of cattle ranching in the west. 

"Every once in a while, a project comes along that truly bridges the gap between producers
and consumers. The Los Angeles-based professional photographers Seth Joel and Charlie
Holland have been working tirelessly to tell that story is through the eyes of  children."
Amanda Radke, Beef Daily Blog, February 2019

Ranch Raised Kids is a media platform and a series of books that allows children raised on cattle ranches to tell their unique story to urban audiences.  Since 2015 Seth Joel and his wife Charlie Holland, have pursued this work with passion. They are inspired by ranch raised kids who display the core values of hard work, honesty and kindness that are the hallmarks of traditional cowboy culture. Seth and Charlie, professional photographers who have had more pavement than pasture under their feet, offer a fresh look at the West: the reality of contemporary ranching and the next generation of American cattlemen and cattlewomen.

                   "Ranch raised kids are different. They grow up with purpose. Responsibilities.
Pride in tradition and a love of the land they live on.  That's what Seth
and Charlie learned while interviewing and photographing kids and their
families across rural Arizona for their book, Arizona Ranch Raised Kids."
Patti Daley, Globe-Miami Times, Winter 2019

The first book, Arizona Ranch Raised Kids, was published with their partner, Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation in December 2018.  The book features 50 kids on 23 ranches in varied rugged areas of Arizona. These Ranch Raised Kids are seen through Seth's honest and unobstructed lens and their voices are heard in straightforward conversations with Charlie.  Sales of Arizona Ranch Raised Kids directly supports scholarship programs that provide higher education in agriculture-related fields.    

“The work of Seth and Charlie gives us a reassuring look into the future,
seeing these kids and reading their own words, we can begin
to understand how they approach life - I do believe we will be ok.”
Bill Reynolds, Introduction to Ranch Raised Kids, 2016
California Ranch Raised Kids, is now being produced with the California Cattlewomen and Heritage Foundation and will be published in December 2020. Ranch families from the mountains, deserts, foothills and lush coastal ranches of California will be photographed between June 2019 –June 2020. Seth and Charlie will bring their passion, curiosity and well-honed professional skills to these diverse, far flung ranches and photograph the kids who represent the California beef industry. They are being raised in an industry that respects the past, requires constant evolution and re-invention in the present and requires ranchers to be professional, savvy, and entrepreneurial to secure their future.

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Western Ag Life Magazine
Spring 2019
Arizona Ranch Raised Kids
Cover and feature story by Tamra Kelly

"The American cowboy was considered a thing of the past in 1892. But Seth and Charlie believe that this cowboy is alive, 140 years later, in these kids'way of going, way of behaving and way of believing."

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Beef Magazine Blog
February 26 2019
Arizona Ranch Raised Kids
Story by Amanda Radke

“Our premise was that people like us, people who are ‘not from round here’, did not know that children were still being raised on huge ranches, being taught values and ethics that have stood the test of time,” said Holland.

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