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    Arizona Ranch Raised Kids, by Seth Joel and Charlie Holland co-published with the Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation
    Dec 1 2018
  2. 02
    Appearance at the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show, New Orleans, LA. Interview by Mark Oppold for RFD TV
    Jan 30 2019
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    Appearing on March 2nd and 3rd in Booth # 463, at Cherry Street and the U of A Mall. Kindly hosted by the Tucson Cowbelles at the Tucson Festival of Books, AZ
    Mar 2-3 2019
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    Cover and feature story in Western Ag Life magazine, Spring Issue. March 11 2019
    Mar 11 2019
Western Ag Life Magazine
Ranch Raised Kids Cover Story
A big thanks to Paul Ramirez and his team at the editorial offices of Westerm Ag Life and to the author Tamra Kelly, you captured the true spirit of our journey photographing and interviewing these great kids for the book. On the cover: Aubrey Owen. Spring 2019
Click on this link Western Ag Life for the full story. 
Tucson Festival of Books
Book Signing!!
Thank you Tucson Cowbelles! We will join you at the Tucson Festival of Books from 10-3 p.m. on 3/2-3/3 at Booth #463,located at Cherry Street and the U of A Mall near the Flandrau Planetarium. Please come and find us. You may get to meet a Ranch Raised Kid or two!
Beef Magazine Review
Amanda Radke | Feb 26, 2019
"Every once in a while, a project comes along that truly bridges the gap between producers and consumers. The disconnect between urban and rural America continues to grow, and Los Angeles-based professional photographers Seth Joel and Charlie Holland have been working tirelessly to tell the real story of agriculturalists." 

Thank you Amanda!

click on this link Beef Daily for the full story
  1. RFD-TV Interview
    Ranch Raised Kids founders Seth Joel and Charlie Holland talk about the publication of their new book Arizona Ranch Raised Kids at the 2019 NCBA Convention in New Orleans.